Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Oil Ranch

We had the best time this morning! We loaded the kiddos up and took a trip out to Hockley to visit the Oil Ranch - it was perfect weather! It was a bit pricey ($30!!!), but Noah really had fun, so it was worth it! He loved riding the train (he had to cover his ears in the tunnel), driving the old tractor, playing in the hay barn, and riding a horse! He even fed the cows when we were on the hayride - we were so surprised! You can see the apprehension on his face in the close-up photo. I was personally scared to death of them cause they were HUGE!!! And they just came right into the trailer! This really huge one really seriously tried to eat Wyatt!! Wyatt's favorite part was looking at the chickens running around. I took a billion pictures, so here are a ton!

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