Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Taking a break

We were pretty worn out by 2:00, so we stopped a took a break. Noah snacked on some pink cotton candy (he insisted that it was pink), and Wyatt had some applesauce. Noah was quite upset at first that the candy didn't have a stick, like it did when we went to Elmo, but he got over it once he remembered how good it was! We sat under a pavilion and watched Ronald McDonald to a magic show. It was pretty lame, but both the boys enjoyed it, and Josh and I enjoyed the break! Can you see his new teeth?

We were so exhausted and Noah was getting sleepy (he asked for his blanky) so we used the last of our points at a fishing game where Noah won a tiger. He had so much fun and tonight in bed he told Josh, "thank you daddy take me the rodeo." Sweet boy!

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