Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Riding Rocket

We got to see our friend Megan yesterday, and she was telling us that she was going to the Livestock Show & Rodeo that night, and she made the mistake of saying the word "carnival." One of Noah's favorite Thomas episodes/videos is Carnival capers, where all the trains take the stuff to set up the carnival. And you know how much he loves the rides at Kemah. So for the rest of the day he just cried "me carnival, me carnival, me carnival!" We had plans for today, but they were easily moveable, and it was beautiful, so we decided to make it a day.

And what a day it was!! We are absolutely exhausted. I have tons of pictures, so I'm gonna post them in separate batches so I can write about each one. We kind of use the blog as our own personal memory book, so I like to get down all the details while I can still remember them!

The first thing we did was ride a pony named Rocket. I was really surprised, cause you know he's not that into horses or anything, but he just loved it. He kept reaching down and petting his neck. He was so sweet and gentle. Of course he wanted to ride him again, but at 5 bucks a pop, we decided to move on! :)

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