Saturday, June 21, 2008

A present for Lily

We stopped off at the petstore tonight cause Noah was just desperate to see some fish, but came home with stuff for Lilycat. Noah was so excited cause I told him he could give the new scratcher to her. We were walking back to the car and I asked him, "Noah, do you love Lily?" I asked cause you know the two of them don't really get along like Lily and Wyatt do. So he says, "Yeah, mom. I love Lily SO MUCH." It was just the sweetest thing ever, the way he said it. SO we got home and he ran in saying "Widdy, I got a present for you!" And he was just so tickled that she hopped right on (thanks to the catnip!) and then he got out her new brush and she actually let him brush her. This from the cat that runs in fear of Noah J. Ohhh, makes my heart hurt cause he was just so sweet with her!

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