Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Meet our new cat!

I just had to post this cause it cracked me up more than anything. After dinner and bath's tonight we ran over to Walgreens to rent a movie and get some popcorn. I brought Noah J in with me and promised him he could get something special, and he picked out this hello kitty marshmallow pop thing. So he ate it in the car and then when he got home he was pretty much done with it. So he starts calling, "Lily!! Lily!" And I ask him what he's doing. And he told me he thought Lily might want to eat his marshmallow. I was cracking up and told him Lily doesn't like marshmallow. So he goes, "Ok, I see if our new cat want to eat it." And then he ran into the kitchen and put the marshmallow on the floor in front of the halloween cat we bought at Lowe's yesterday. When Josh came into the kitchen he immediately got mad at Noah - "Noah, did you put your candy on the floor??!" I had to rush in and explain that the cat was eating it. We couldn't stop laughing so I made Josh run and get the camera. I love my crazy boy.

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