Saturday, June 20, 2009

Discovery Green

Since the kids had so much fun last time at DG playing in the water, we decided to visit the park again last week. We went with our friend, Lisa, and her sweet kiddos. They all seemed to have tons of fun, but it was pretty crowded. I could not believe how many big kids were there! Wyatt must have gotten knocked down 3 times, and Noah twice. It reminded us of why we waited last summer until school started again! The kids played for a long time, and then we went and had a picnic under a huge tree. Of course the kids didn't eat, but they did have fun pulling the wagon up and down the sidewalk.

So all in all, the kids had fun, but we will definitely wait until school is in session again to return! The last picture is of Noah after the last time he got knocked down - doesn't he just look pitiful?

Here's Noah J being a sweet boy and trying to listen to me! "Put your arm around your brother and you guys smile!" What you can't tell is Wyatt is pinching his arm and pushing him away! What a little bug!!

Can you guess what he's saying? "POO POO!!!!" His favorite words!

Check out that yellow hair!! Love it!

I love this face!!! He does a weird voice when he makes it that I'm obsessed with!

My sad little monkey!

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Mark & Corrie said...

I love the pictures with the water spray in the background- so sweet!