Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gig 'em!!

Sooo, Josh took Noah J to his first official Aggie game this season. They had half price tickets for recent grads, so we were able to get a couple tickets for a good deal, and, well, you know how much Noah loves loves loves the Aggie band, so we knew we just had to do it.

We got out his 12th man jersey and it was a little small and Noah said it was scratching his neck, so I ran to the Academy to see what I could find. And of course it was the cuteness of all cuteness, matching father son aggie tees. Can you say adorable??!?! I'm not sure how much Josh loved it, but it made Noah's day!!

Josh said he did really well, but was starting to get antsy right about halftime. Of course that all changed as soon as the band came out, but Noah was really tuckering out so they went ahead and left the game. A 4 year old can only sit still for so long, right? Josh took him for a walk all around campus and he had fun looking at all the stuff he's see's in his Howdy Reveille book. And he was so excited to tell me how he and daddy played football on Simpson drill field. So cute!! And, in typical Josh fashion, he let the boy pee on the field!! Josh said all the buildings were closed and the field was dark, so he just let him pee right on the middle of it!! I'm sure that's breaking some rule! :)

Can't wait till Josh can take both the boys next season - I think Wyatt will love it! I just had to put that last picture up here - he's using the force if you can't tell!! :)

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