Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of July!

So please tell me why I was crazy enough to do this craft with the kids. I guess cause I know Noah is a sucker for anything with glue and glitter, and I'll pretty much do anything that tickles him. I saw this idea on some blog, so I picked up the stuff right away.

We invited Maddie over to join in the fun, so Noah was extra excited. They had fun, and I thought everything was fine. Cause you see, unlike my normal pattern, I actually closed up all the glue and closed the glitter, and put the dirty dishes in the sink. I was so proud of myself for "cleaning up." Now, I did leave it all on the table, but at least I closed it - more than I normally do, right?

Well later that afternoon I was in Noah's room putting up laundry when I see him run past into the bathroom, and then run out with a box of kleenex. Huh?? I knew something was up. So I go into the kitchen and well, you can see what I found. ALL of the glitter dumped out, and Noah trying to clean it up with Kleenex. And the part I didn't get on film, was that Wyatt was sitting on the table, and Noah had squeezed glue all over his legs and glittered him. Yup. Glittered him!!! I didn't know what to do - so I threw him in the bathtub, which then got glitter all over the bathroom, and all down the hall. CHAOS I tell you!! I wanted to be mad, but it was just so funny. They both had to go to bed with no stories or snuggles, but that was all I had the heart to do.

While they were asleep I finished assembling them and hung them from their fans - aren't they so cute? I don't think Noah will ever let me take them down!

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Mark & Corrie said...

Hilarious! I can picture Wyatt's little glittery legs. What a mess!