Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2 Nights, 2 Costumes!

Well, the Halloween madness has finally died down over here! It was a sad sad day yesterday when we finally removed all the Halloween decorations. Seriously, I thought the kids might cry. And they just didn't get why we couldn't put the Christmas stuff up yet! :)

This was the best Halloween yet for the boys - I think 4 is the perfect age to really enjoy it. Not scared of everything, but still believes its all just great, ya know? So Darth and Yoda were great - no tears, no whining, nothing but fun. And Noah was just NOT shy at all. He was yelling across the street at other kids "Hey, your costume looks great!!!!" And after he told the people thank you he would say "Happy Halloween". And at the end he told one guy who proved his knowledge of Star Wars to him "may the force be with you." What?!?! My shy little boy? Not when he's Darth!! We went with John and Sara, so Maddie was dressed up as Daphne from Scooby Doo. It was so funny cause Noah called her Daphne all night!

And of course Wyatt just thought it was like any other day where you get candy from complete strangers. They filled up their little Darth Vader buckets rather quickly, but they were Ok with it cause they wanted to come home and pass stuff out. So we sat on the driveway for a while passing candy out, which could have possibly been his favorite part of the night.

Our pumpkins were a bit sad this year. Because of our time schedule we had to do them on Wednesday, so they had fallen apart a bit by Saturday night. We had this Star Wars book and we knew we had to pick easy ones or else we wouldn't have time. Well, of course our kids picked out the 2 hardest ones, but Josh was a heman and got it all done! The R2D2 was supposed to have C3P0 next to him, but my genius husband decided just to do the one and the kids never noticed! :) ha!

Now the night before we went to Copperfield Church's trunk or treat thing, and the kids had a blast there too. We went with the Cooper's and the Boyd's, so the boys were thrilled they had their friends there. My parents found this Boba Fett costume on sale earlier in the week, and Noah just fell in LOVE with it. He actually wanted to wear it instead of Darth, so we came up with this idea of wearing it on Friday night, which just made his year. Why do little boys love Boba Fett so much? It's bizarre. We had lots of fun - you can see the pic of the whole gang - aren't they too cute? We even had a teeny tiny princess Leia!! Oh, and I love how Wyatt just isn't afraid of things - he was SOOOO excited to see the Chick Fil A cow. Noah wouldn't go near to him! :)

I can't even imagine what they will choose next year!!!!!!

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