Friday, January 22, 2010

First Day of School!!

So we finally began our homeschooling adventure this month! Noah has been begging and begging for me to start teaching him, so I figured I better get things moving! We bought our curriculum in December and spent the whole month going through it, and started the first week in January. You can see how excited the kids were!!

Noah really wants to focus on painting, and if I just so happen to teach him to read along the way, well, that's OK with him too. I got the kids some smocks from US Toys, and Wyatt wore his all day every day, for the first week. He even took a nap in it! He LOVES the thing - he is so weird! He was so obsessed I had to take a picture of him in it during snack time!

I am trying to do a pseudo "workbox" system, cause I desperately need some way to keep up with all the stuff. I really love it cause I'm able to get all the supplies for each activity together the night before, and then the morning goes much smoother, cause you know I am such a mess and can never find anything. Yes, it is all set up on top of the changing table that is still in our school room till we move it into the new nursery, but you know, its there and that's what matters, right? Here is our first day boxes:

I'm hoping to have enough pictures and links from each week to blog about each week we do, but you know how great I am keeping up with those kind of commitments! :) So far it's going well, and I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with my kiddos and have these few precious moments with them, cause I know how quickly they grow up!! I know family and friends have their worries and concerns, but seriously, once you start researching it you realize how great it really is, and it's not just for freaks! :) I read an article in a magazine a few weeks ago that perfectly articulated why I am homeschooling, maybe I can dig it up and post it here!

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