Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sun: Jesus is the light of the world!

Sadly, now that I have looked at all my pics, I only have 1 picture from the first week. And, sadly, I remember the reason why - I hadn't downloaded the Christmas pictures yet so the camera was full! :( Ridiculous, I know, but true. So this is the only shot we have from our first week of school!

We did a lot of painting, and the kids really loved making their badges that our curriculum has for each week. They are pretty cute - I so wish I had a picture of them wearing them. Each week we focus on a letter, a science topic, and a Bible truth. So this week was about the letter S, the sun, and our verse "Jesus is the light of the world!" So on the 3rd day they make a badge that they can wear out and about and they can tell their verse to people if they ask about it. I thought Noah would think it was pretty lame, but they LOVED it! I got them those retractable badge holders, which I think is what sold it. Their daddy has one of those for work, and they are pretty obsessed with it. Wyatt was so happy to pretend he was Daddy! And they biggest shocker was that he actually remembers the verse - he totally shocked me when he held it out and said, "Jesus da wight of da woad!" It never dawned on me that he would pick any of this up yet, but am tickled pink that he is!

We read this book called Sun Bread from the library, and it was so cute!! The whole town is cold and tired of winter and a baker bakes some sun bread to warm them all up. Such a cute story, and it has the recipe to make your own bread right on the back. Very exciting, even though they had to wait for it to rise. Of course Noah wouldn't actually eat any, but we the rest of us did and it was delish! :)

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Michelle said...

Great idea girl! So fun! ~michelle