Thursday, May 13, 2010

Star Wars Party!!

Can you even believe my little babies are growing up? It is hard for me to imagine that they are 3 and 5. Today is Noah's birthday, but he thought he turned 5 the day of his party, so today is just another day to him. :) Silly bug

I have not been blogging cause I have discovered that these files from our new camera are HUGE, and I really have no idea how to edit them so that they upload easier. I thought I figured it out, but it barely made the files smaller. So now I'm just sucking it up and uploading them at this crazy painstakingly slow rate!!

We had the boys party at the gym where Noah takes gymnastic classes - it was so great!! Really, it was such a relief not to have it at home. And it really wasn't that pricey, either. Noah desperately wanted a Star Wars party, and of course Wyatt went along with whatever Noah said (although he did request a Clifford cake). I was feeling a little challenged that I wouldn't be able to really make it sw themed, other than the plates, and stuff, but I came across this cool site that showed some party ideas that I new I could incorporate.

What does every Jedi need????? A robe and a light saber of course, so those were the party favors. To my surprise the gym people let the kids get all dressed up and then run about having light saber battles, which was a bit frightening, but the kids thought it was the best thing ever. They were SO adorable. I was planning on making pretend light sabers out of pool noodles, but I found these light up ones online for under 3 bucks a piece, so that was worth it! Noah loved all the special attention the coaches gave him, and Wyatt was just happy to finally get to play on all the equipment he has to watch Noah do every week during class.

It was so crazy we forgot to get good pics of everything - no cakes, or the boys together. Why do I always do that stuff?? All of their friends came, which was the cherry on top - Noah just can't stop talking about it, and of vourse, already planning next years party!! ;) I think he takes after me!!


Corrie said...

Cute pictures, although I am sure you are mistaken. There's no way your bots are 3 and 5! That's crazy!! I'm so excited about the new camera! Megan told me about an easier way to post the pics- I'll fill you in too. :)

Only on Monday said...

Yeah!!! Love the pictures, they are awesome! Looks like a fun party. Wyatt is looking so grown up :)