Wednesday, June 09, 2010

my little pud boy

So today's post is dedicated to my little baby noodle, Wy C.  I can't even believe how big he has gotten.  He is so amazingly beautiful, and will really just awe you with his sweet heart, but can also make you go mad with his gift for repetition!!!  We were sitting at the table playing a game of Zingo and we just thought he was so gorgeous we had to get the camera out to take a few pics.

We caught this great pic of his frustration when someone took the piece he needed...  

he just cracks me up.  He has also been very happy that he has been allowed to touch our old camera, now that Josh has his new one.  He is constantly begging to take pictures now.

He and Noah have been absolutely the best of friends lately.  One of my favorite things to do is watch them play when they don't know I'm looking.  They crack me up with the things they say to each other.  Their newest favorite trick is for Noah to pick Wyatt up and carry him around as far as he can.  It is pretty disturbing and I'm not quite sure how Noah even does it - Wyatt is quite a solid little bundle.  The most concerning part is that I think they are practicing for when they carry Annie around!!  Agghhh!  I love my littlest  boy!!!!

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