Saturday, September 11, 2010

B.A. - Before Annie!!

Before I can post pics of Annie, I have to post all the other adorable pics we took the morning she came!!

We went in Annie's room to make sure we had everything packed up, and decided to snap a few pics the boys before they had a sister!

These boys were so concerned about me, it just made my heart swell.  They have been so incredibly wonderful this week, I can't wait to post the other pics and tell all the stories I have swimming around in my head!

We also snapped a few pics of the rest of the nursery before it gets messy!  Yes, I finally finished her letters and Josh got them hung on the wall.  I wasn't sure I would love them, but they look really great.  I'm super pleased!  And check out this adorable little birdie above her door.....

They came as extras with the tree, so we put one above each door in the room.  I love them!!  And then we finally got to the hospital!!  Grandma and Grandpa met us there in the waiting room.  Knowing you are having a cesarean makes things kind of easier in a way - we were able to prep bags for the boys full of fun stuff for the long wait ahead.  They picked out this hideous new Spiderman backpacks, and Josh went to the dollar store and filled them fill of all kinds of goodies.  They were really excited!

And our last photo as a family of 4!!!!!

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