Monday, September 06, 2010

Park time!

Even though I'm supposed to still be on bedrest, we took the boys to meet our friends at the park last night, and it was just what we needed!  I haven't been outside in over a week, and the poor kiddos were just desperate for some friend time!  So when I got a message about maybe going to the park I was on top of it.  All of Noah's favorite people in one place - how could he not have a great time?

The best part was that usually it is just the moms and the kids, but since it was the evening the daddy's could come too!  We picked up some Little Caesars to bring with us, and it was a nice, relaxing evening.  And the kids were ZONKED out on our way home!  I was so glad we were able to go have one last fun outing before the kids hardly see us all week.  I think Wy will not have any problems with it, but I can see Noah getting a bit whiny/weepy about not seeing us enough.

I just loved looking at these pictures last night - you know Wyatt's favorite thing in the whole wide world is playing with a ball, and we got a ton of adorable pics.  I'm going to have to post some others later on.

And I adore this picture of Noah with his friend Jacob - you can just see how much fun he is having.  I love his exuberance for all things, and it is just captured perfectly in this pic!

We had so much fun, I hope I can convince my ladies to do it again!!!  It was a great way to end the week, right? :)

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