Tuesday, December 20, 2011

St. Nicholas Day stockings!

Ack!  I am so behind posting all our Christmas stuff!  These are from way back on the sixth, but worthy of sharing anyways.  :)  Of course we celebrated St. Nicholas day again this year and the boys were once again surprised.  The sixth is so early in the month it comes out of nowhere!  Once again they were placed under the tree cause putting them on the foot of their beds was too risky! 

Besides candy, nuts and fruit, they also got a few toys to play with.  They have been wanting these camo covers for years now, so they were super excited they could play some backyard safari stuff.  Annie rose sleeps so much later than the rest of us she got to open hers all by herself later on in the morning.  She was adorable cause she was super excited about it, which surprised me.  She finally likes gifts! 

She got the cutest little bathtub teapot set that she loves!  She is just too cute pouring water into the tiny cups and offering all of us a drink.  She is so surprising me with her interest in doing stuff like that - the boys at her age would have just thrown it down and poured water everywhere. She really wants to do stuff the right way - it cracks me up!  You can see Wyatt was pretty into it as well!

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