Friday, December 30, 2011

The lights!

 The lights are pretty cute, huh?  I loved that we walked through it all so we could really enjoy it.  Now if it had been cold I'm sure I would have felt differently!  It was right along the water, so when you rounded the corner out into the open the wind was crazy strong.  I've never been near the beach at night really and it was super beautiful with the lights reflecting into the water.  I was super shocked that they actually told the story of Jesus!  I have NEVER seen that at anything Christmas related that wasn't at a church.  It was so nice!  That's the town of Bethlehem in the picture above - it was really beautiful!

We stopped a bit of the way in and had snacks - you can see Annie enjoyed the cookie!
And then there was a lot of sadness.  Do you see that little sad face?  They have this paddleboat that docks and leaves from the path we were walking along.  When that boat took off and we weren't on it Wyatt was heartbroken!  I mean, he was seriously down in the dumps.  I had to promise him that we would come back and ride the boat another day.  That was not good enough to cure his blues, so then I had to promise my parents would come with us.  That did the trick!  :)  Now I just have to convince my parents to join us!

And at the end they have an area where you can get snacks and roast marshmallows, and they had this amazing guy doing all sorts of tricks.  Needless to say the kids were way impressed!  We sat and watched till the end of the show and he was super nice and talked to the kids.  Noah asked him how he learned to do it all and he said when he was a teenager he just started teaching himself how to juggle.  Now Noah is telling us that when he is a teenager he is going to do the same thing.  :) 


The Herd said...

My kids pray for Josh every night...thinking of you!

themarlatts said...

Awww, Karen, that makes me tear up!! So sweet!