Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Not-Back-to-School!

This morning we celebrated officially not going back to school with breakfast at McDonalds!  I love having the kids home with me, and I know it is the right thing for them, but there is always this teeny tiny moment where I think about how easy it would be just to send them off each day! :)  So I was able to hang out with my sweet friend and remind myself why I do this.  And the kids got to play, so it was a great way to start our day!

Dear Annie Rose even got in on the action and played for the first time and she was thrilled!  She kept covering her eyes to do peek-a-boo every time I tried to snap a pic of her.  She had so much fun feeling like one of the big kids. 

We are so thankful God has brought us great friends to go on this journey with, both for the boys and for myself.  Now even though it is "Not-Back-to-School" day at our house, we're still gonna do a smidgen of school today.  :)  The boys are quite confused by this concept but momma needs to get as much done as we can when we have the chance! 

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