Saturday, April 06, 2013


So the kids spent the day with my parents and came home with a bag of a thousand ladybugs.  Can I say I was surprised?!  No.  I've come to expect them to come home with the strangest things after hanging out with my parents.  :)  LOL  They took the kids to their favorite nursery and the boys talked them into this bag of ladybugs.  Noah liked them, but Wyatt was in love with them.  He was tickled pink that they would crawl all  over them.  Annie thought they were great till one flew off and landed on her arm.  She immediately panicked and began screaming like she was on fire. So we took her in the house while we finished shaking them all over the yard.  Next thing I know I hear screaming from in the house and I go inside to find her sobbing.  Evidently she found another one on her shirt!  I think we traumatized her for life!

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