Friday, April 26, 2013

Wyatt turns six!!

Can you believe this little pumpkin is six?  We did birthdays a little bit different this year.  We usually have one big party for both boys but this year they just could not agree on one party.  So we started to plan individual parties but I was just dreading paying for both.  So I came up with a brilliant idea and was able to convince Josh and the boys to go along with it.  :)  We decided in lieu of a party the kids would get a trampoline for the backyard and then we would have family over for dinner on their actual birthday. 

So we had to switch up our normal routine.  Normally we have cake for breakfast but since we were having cake after dinner with family we opted for special name pancakes!  They were tickled with them.  And of course there were a couple of small gifts.  The kids understood that mom and dad would not be getting them anything but the trampoline but we wanted them to have something to open, so we let their siblings pick them out one small thing each.  We prepared Annie for the concept that she would not be opening gifts, but she just was not content with the idea.  As soon as Wyatt started unwrapping his first gift (Annie got him a tiny magnet that says "I Love Camping" with a little tent and tree on it - the boy has been wanting it forever!)...

 this is what happened.....

Heartbroken little girl!!!  Please don't think poorly of us, but we cold not stop laughing cause she was so disturbed she didn't get to open it up.  Ya'll, I must have told her a hundred times the night before that she would not open the presents, only Wy.  This should have been no surprise, but she was still hysterical, LOL.

Wyatt loved her and she eventually calmed down, but these pictures just crack me up!!  Wyatt opened Noah's gift to him...

which he has also been wanting forever!!  Only six year old boy with plastic organizing  bins on his wish list, LOL!! 

The rest of the day was spent prepping for our dinner guests.  Wyatt picked the menu: hotdogs w/Hawaiian roll buns, Ruffles AND Lays (very specific here!), his favorite ranch, pink lemonade, and a cookie cake.  Grandma and Grandpa, Granny, Christy, Joseph, and Rebecca all came over to celebrate and jump!

Of course the most exciting part of the day was when he got to open his 3DS from Granny!  He has been promised for years that when he learned how to read and turned six he could get one.  He held us to that promise!!  He got a bunch of awesome gifts and the kids loved playing with these mustaches.

And the night finished off with a cookie cake with a fisherman on it!!  He is so adorably sweet.  He asked me the night before his birthday how his body knew that it was supposed to grow on that certain day every year.  We were going through some clothes in his closet the week before and he kept telling me that he was sure some of those big shirts would fit after next week.  I wasn't really sure what he meant but then it all came together - he thought he would wake up on his birthday bigger!!!  Love this bug!!!

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Michelle said...

Love Annie to pieces! These pictures of her upset made my night! :) So funny! Sweet Wyatt is awesome! Glad he had a fun birthday,