Thursday, October 31, 2013


Check out my little babies!  This year we had Batman, a swamp monster, and of course "Punzel"!  Just love these little cuties, and they just loved their costumes!

Of course we had our friends over again this year, so they were hyped up even more than just from the candy.  We had a few extra decorations this year, and even some spooky food.  I hate to put too much effort into the food cause the kids hardly eat anything as it is, but Halloween food is just so fun!

We the kids were grossed out by the used bandaids, but they didn't stop them from eating them.  Now the lychee nut/blueberry eyeballs were definitely not eaten!  They kids were disgusted by them and so was I!

After eating the kids went off to hunt for candy while us ladies stayed behind to pass out candy.  Annie was super thrilled cause Mr. Richard was there with her and she even held his hand on the walk home!  She loves, loves, loves that man!!  It just might make her daddy jealous!

 After all the friends had left and we were winding down I passed out their new jammies.  They were tickled with them and Wyatt told me he could feel the love I sewed into them.  :)

I let them each pick their own fabric this year and was going to even sew shirts but ran out of time, so appliques on Wal-Mart tees just had to do! Wyatt was cracking up with his Duck Dynasty cup he got in his bag from the grandparents and had to go fill it up, put a gun on his shoulder, and pretend he was Si!

He is such a goofball!  All in all a great year, and can't wait for next year!

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