Sunday, November 10, 2013

His teeth are falling out!

This little boy is beyond excited that he finally lost his first tooth!  They were jumping on the trampoline when it fell right out. 

Just like Noah, he doesn't really have a gap cause he already has a nearly full grown adult tooth behind the other ones.  We didn't even realize it was there until a couple of weeks before this.  Guess our kids are just shark teeth kind of kids!

The funny part of the story is that he had a terrible time falling asleep that night and kept coming out asking us to pray cause he was scared.  We finally figured it out that he was scared of the tooth fairy coming into his room!  We had to move the pillow to the living room to finally get the boy to sleep!  So funny cause he has been waiting to use this pillow since we bought it when Noah lost his first tooth.  I guess all that anticipation was just too much!

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