Saturday, October 25, 2014

A day of firsts!

So I haven't even blogged his birth yet, but just had to make a quick note so I don't forget his big day.  Little man slept in his crib the whole night last night!  Yay!  He was on Neocate for the first night and slept like a perfect little angel.  Such a relief!!  Of course today he was difficult, but I'll just focus on the positive.  :)

He also cooed today for the first time.  Such a sweet, sweet voice he has.  He normally just grunts, gurgles from reflux, and cries, so it was so thrilling to hear his precious voice.  On top of that he noticed the mobile on the swing for the first time today.  As soon as I put him in the swing he looked up at it so I turned it on and he was mesmerized.  And to top it all off he had his first visit to the pumpkin patch!  Don't know how we ever lived without this little guy as part of our lives!

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