Sunday, October 05, 2014

Brotherly love!

My little boy and my littlest boy certainly have a special bond!  Wyatt was thrilled when Owen was born and looked so much like him!  We were too!  Wyatt is always sad that he is the only person in the family that has yellow hair and he thinks he looks "different" than everybody else.  So to have a mini-me is something he needed!  They even have the same hair growth pattern at the front of their heads.  I have always loved how Wyatt's hair grows to the side up from and Owen's is growing in the same exact way.  It's adorable!

Wyatt is always there to help me with this little guy.  He is the best at holding him during times when he's crying to be held and I'm trying to get stuff ready to get out the door on time.  How on earth could I manage this without the older boys to help me? 

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