Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas ballet performance!

Isn't my little ballerina adorable?  The girls had a couple of ballet performances before Christmas at some retirement  homes in the area.  It was quite a different atmosphere than her recital so I wasn't sure how she would do but she was a rockstar!  I'm so impressed with this girl and her lack of fear.

After their performance the kids all walked around and talked to the residents and she was so precious, giving them all hugs even though I could tell she was more than a bit nervous over the whole ordeal.  They all loved seeing and touching the baby and talking to Annie about what she wanted Santa to bring her (a Doc mobile!).  Snapped a few pics of the kids on the porch before we left.  They loved all the rows of rockers out there.

The boys insisted on taking one of those "old timey photos where people didn't smile."

She makes my heart oh so happy this girl!

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