Friday, February 13, 2015

2015 Valentine's Boxes!

Once again the kiddos made Valentines boxes to take to our local homeschool group's Valentine's skating party.  They thought long and hard and really came up with their own ideas this year.  Annie of course wanted to make a Doc McStuffin's doctors bag.  Check her out modeling it!

I told her she could pose anyway she wanted and that is what she came up with!  ha ha!

Noah was crazy stressed for a month trying to decide what to make so when he came up with the Cypress TKD building I knew I had to agree just to save my sanity!  It was one of the more challenging boxes we have ever made!  He was so excited that he won for most creative box in his age group for the 2nd year in a row!  It might be hard to tell, but that is him and Wyatt in the windows on the front with their teacher Mr. Dillon on the side.  So cute!

Wyatt made the most amazing duck blind ever!  Notice how he even wore his Duck Dynsasty shirt to the party!  No coincidence, no sir!  He planned every last detail.  This boy did this entire box by himself!  All I did was print out his photo for him.  He was so, so proud of it and absolutely heartbroken that he did not win.  I was pretty heartbroken for him, too, since I knew how many hours he spent finding the perfect leaves and moss and gluing it all on.  He really thought about all aspects of the design - he insisted on painting the water paper so it looked muddy like a real swamp.  And then carefully glued on each duck.  He was thrilled when we spotted those in the dollhouse section at Hobby Lobby!

Wish I had Owen in the pic but he was already strapped into his car seat and I wasn't gonna go through that whole madness again!  Can't wait for next year!

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