Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Little boy!

This kid cracks me up!!  I want to say he hates being on his stomach but I guess he doesn't.  None of the other kids purposefully rolled over and then hung out looking around the room like this one done.  Problem is he gets tired of it and then just cries and cries till we come roll him over.  The thing is, he can roll both ways.  But he doesn't when he gets mad!  He just moans till we come save him.  He doesn't always have the passy, but if he is in the mood he really loves it.  Isn't his comb over the best?!  At least three times a week I declare I am going to cut it but when the moment comes I just can't do it!  I love the last pic where he is looking to the side - his life is so crazy with 3 siblings he never knows what is coming!  Not much makes me happier than how he always has those eyebrows up!

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