Thursday, November 30, 2006

Putting up the Christmas lights!

So we made the mistake of letting Noah J help us put the lights out in the yard. Since he saw us walking through the bushes and pulling on them he thinks thats what he should do too! I think we would have been much better off putting them on while he's asleep and then just repeating the no touching thing. He's getting better with them, though!

Because of the ordeal of Josh fearing for his life on the roof last time, we didn't put any lights up on the house. And we didn't even remember doing it, but we found a bunch of little colored lights that we bought on clearance after Christmas last year, so we had some to put in the bushes! We also bought these terribly tacky holographic/lighted things that we hung in the windows. But now that they are up, I love them! We'll have to try to get a nighttime pic of the house!

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