Thursday, November 30, 2006


I finally have a few minutes to post about Thanksgiving! We had a really great day, and it was super nice cause Josh actually had off. Here are a few pics from the day:

We thought Noah J might have lots of fun crumbling the corn bread for the dressing, but we were disappointed to discover he wanted to have nothing to do with it once he learned that he couldn't eat it!

Noah wanted to eat at around 11:00 and discovered this juicy pear. He ate so much of the pear that he didn't eat any turkey!

After lunch and a nap, Noah J ran around outside for hours, including on Grandpa's trailer - he just LOVES to run up and down it. He also thinks its his job to throw all of the pinecones and leaves out of it onto the ground.

Here's poor little Joseph! See the red rash on his cheeks and chest? He had a mystery rash so he was not feeling his best. He did have fun playing with the flyswatter that Noah is obsessed with. He even hit Noah with it! :) Don't worry, its brand new. Noah once saw Grandma swat at a fly and became instantly obsessed with it. Of course, she had to go buy him one!

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