Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Baby's Cell Phone

So I know this is one of those things I SWORE we would never buy our children, but Noah is obsessed with cell phones! So my parents got him this one for their house that he just loves. It rings and he can flip it open and someday when he decides to speak he can say hello! For now he just holds it up to his ear. It also has a feature where we can record a message on it and when he pushes a button it plays. I usually say something like "Mommy says, be a good boy while I change your diaper!" Josh's is something along the line of "I'm gonna get those baby biscuits!!"

It was such a hit that Noah J and Joseph decided to fight over it so G&G had to buy another one so each boy has his own phone. And of course you know that didn't fix the problem - they still want the one the other one has!

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