Friday, September 01, 2006

Splishing and Splashing!

Can you believe that I'm actually writing from my own house on my own computer?? WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

We are forever greatful to Josh and Kelly for coming over tonight and keeping their little one up WAY past her bedtime just to get our internet connection working!!!! I like to think I'm kinda sorta technologically savvy, but I truly had no idea how to get this whole wireless thing going. But Josh got it working and now I just can't even believe it!!! Thanks Josh!!

Since it was bedtime Noah J had to take his bath and Adeline wanted to get in too, so they got to have fun together! Noah was a little unsure, but he handled it better than I thought he would! Look at how pale poor Noah J looks compared to the tan beauty next to him! We all had to laugh. I'm quite certain the kids were confused because there were 4 adults crowded into the tiny bathroom staring at them and takig pictures. At least we gave them something to tell their shrinks!

OH yeah, I just realized Noah is chewing on his Yoda action figure. Its his newest obsession!! :)

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The Howard Family Blog said...

Glad to see you are back. I have missed you :)