Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ode to Noah & Joe

Noah and Joseph played a duet last week and we snapped a few pics cause they were so cute! Noah was pretty mad at Joseph at first - he kept taking his hands off the keys. You can see in the 2nd picture his angry face and he's pushing Joe's hands. Joseph seemed to think his job was to turn the pages of the music.

They were even cuter cause they were wearing little baby onesies! You know there is not much more that I love in life than putting my 15 month old in a onesie thats means for a newborn!

We had fun today going to Grandma and Grandpa to celebrate the opening Saturday for college football! Barbecue and brats - not much better in the world! We were even lucky cause Josh had off today and we listened to the Aggies win their game on the radio. We're all gonna sleep well tonight - today was exhausting!!

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