Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The machine shop!

I guess I had a moment of insanity when I decided to take Noah J to go visit Grandpa's machine shop. Last time we went he couldn't walk yet, so it wasn't a problem. I guess I had forgotten how completely filthy and greasy a machine shop is. Keeping in mind all of this dirt and grime, you can imagine how my little boy just loved it.

Grandpa let him turn all the knobs and dials and touch just about everything. His little hands were BLACK by the time we were done and he had to be scrubbed down, and stripped down. He was so dirty Grandpa gave him a little rag to sick in his pocket to use like he does, but Noah J wanted to have nothing to do with it. You can see he left it in for long enough for us to snap a picture, but then it was gone!

Momma will be smart next time we go and dress the boy in some old clothes instead of cute ones!

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