Monday, May 21, 2007

The Birthday Party!

I'm finally getting the birthday party pictures up! Most of you who read this blog were there, so its not news to you, but for the rest of you, here's a little recap:

I'm so pleased with how the party turned out! It was a lot of hard work, but seeing how much the kids enjoyed it made it all worth it. First of all, I couldn't have possibly done it without my grandmother! She came over the day before and helped me watch the kids and then she cut up all of my fruits and veggies and got all the other food ready! What a great grandma, right?

The kids seemed to have lots of fun fishing and they got to keep their fish they caught in their buckets. Noah was doing not so great for the first half of the party - lots of crying and moaning. When it was time to eat he insisted on cake - he was screaming and pretty much ruining everyone's time, so we went ahead and cut him a piece for lunch. It was his birthday, right, so it was ok! And then when we sang to him he FLIPPED out - that's the picture of him crying.

Then he got much better - I guess he just had to get past that sleepy period. WE opened gifts and he got lots of cool stuff - tools, an aquadoodle, a lawnmower, a painting kit, a sprinkler thing, his 4 wheeler, another lawnmower, a picnic table, a ukulele, and a cool slide/climbing thing for the back yard. Then we set up G&G's bouncer that they bought a long time ago and the kids had a grand time jumping in it. Noah J's clothes got wet and we took his diaper off to get him a new one when he ran away from us and climbed into the jumper - he was SO funny jumping naked! And do you see that Wyatt got dressed up in the world's smallest polo shirt - isn't it just too cute??!!


themarlatts said...

Stop lurking and make a freaking comment! I know you are all looking! Josh

Kelly said...

I guess we left before the party REALLY got started! How is Noah going to top this next year? Streak through the neighborhood? We had a wonderful time! I can't believe your baby is two!