Thursday, May 10, 2007

Walking with Wyatt!

So every single day Noah and Daddy go for a walk around the block. Noah pushes one of the strollers and Daddy pulls the wagon so that when the little squirt gets tired he can pull both him and the stroller home. Well today Noah J decided it was time to take Wyatt with him for a walk. Since I'm feeling so much better we figured why not, so we put him in the carseat and off we went. Noah J was SO excited to push Wyatt - little Wyatt wasn't so sure of the whole thing. Our sidewalks are really bumpy! He was actually quite happy until I stopped to take the pictures! He wanted to keep on moving!

Wyatt had his 2 week check up today and the doc said he was perfect! He already weighs 8 pounds, 3 ounces, and was 21 1/4" long!!! We noticed a few days ago that half of the paperwork from the hospital said that he was 19 inches, and the other half said he was 20. So we're really not sure what he was, but after today we're assuming it was 20". There's no weigh he grew 2 1/4" in a week, right? The only scary part is that his head is already 1/4" bigger than Noah's was at 2 weeks!!! What is it with out kids and big heads? :-)

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