Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New toy!

Corrie and Mark came by to visit us this weekend and they brought Wyatt a new toy! He got SO excited when I put the mirror up for him to look at. After about 1 minute it was a bit too much and he started screaming, but it was fun while it lasted! Unfortunately Noah thinks that this toy is for him and he's very stressed that the sun and the bird don't come off for him to hold. He doesn't quite get the concept of Wyatt's toys and his toys. I think its going to be a while till he figures that one out!

They also brought Noah J this really cool puzzle - its one of those wooden puzzles, but the pieces have magnets on them. The pieces are all fish and it came with a fishing pole that you use to "catch" the pieces. Noah is just OBSESSED with it. Hopefully that means he will have fun at his party this weekend!

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