Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Morning

OH my goodness I just could not decide which pictures to post cause I just love them all. We had such a great Christmas and both the boys had a blast. It was a perfect age for both of them - Noah loved ALL the toys and Wyatt didn't care if Noah wanted to play with his. Noah was obsessed with the tent they got, loved his spiky ball, and really likes his trumpet. I love the picture of him standing at the table playing with his trains, eating his cinnamon roll, and watching the new Thomas video he got. What a happy boy!

We're also really thrilled cause Wyatt loves his toys, especially the crib music box thingy with the fish in it. YOu know what I"m talking about, right? He's been playing it every morning when he gets up!

Noah also decided that he should run around in the Santa hat, which he refused to do while I was trying to get some cute pictures for the Christmas card. Of course, right???

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