Sunday, December 30, 2007

A few pictures....

As you can only imagine I must have taken a billion pictures over Christmas, so here are just a few to get you started!

These are the pics from my parents house on Christmas Eve. Noah J kinda had a hard time - once again there was a giant misunderstanding! He really thought that since he told Santa he wanted trains that every single box he opened would be a train. You can just imagine his disappointment when the first 3 boxes he opened were other stuff. Stuff that he now loves, but was just completely stressed about at the time. Once he got a train he was completely happy to open the rest of the presents - it was just too funny - we snapped a pic right at the moment he opened the first present - just check out that face!

There he is also playing with his favorite Christmas decoration in the world - the tacky train in snow village thing that his Papa bought for him!!!! You know we got ot Target like 4 times a week, and every single time we spend at least 15 minutes in front of this train - just watching it go in and out of the tunnel. Well, it was $60!!!! Can you even believe that? Well it went on sale and his Papa snatched it right up and oh how the boys love it.

Wyatt took to opened presents like a duck to water! He immediately grabbed the closet present to him and started opening it! He was so sweet - he sat and played with his toys the entire time till we went home. He got fussy right at the end, but he was up so late it was to be expected. We had a great time and we all loved our gifts! Thanks G&G!

I love the pic of Joseph and Wyatt with my dad - isn't it too funny? You can see none of the boys wanted to take pictures - Noah didn't even make it to the couch, Joseph is taking his hat off, and Wyatt is screaming!

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