Monday, January 28, 2008

Crawling! (finally!)

So, at the ripe old age of 9 months, Wyatt Cade finally decided to crawl today!! I am so excited! He has just been getting to that fussy stage cause he can't move around, so I'm relieved! Although, I'm having to say its gonna be a while before he's off and running. He's goes just a couple feet and then stops. And let me tell you, he has to think about every single move he makes. It's so cute! When Noah crawled, he just got up on all fours and then took off, so this is new territory for us.

Anyways, he was just so cute. He was trying to crawl to a measuring tape I was using to measure the living room with. He REALLY wanted to touch it. So I had to recreate the moment a few hours later when Noah went to bed. So these aren't the actual event, but these really are like only the 4th time he crawled! Isn't he too cute?

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