Friday, February 01, 2008


You know I love IKEA. But sometimes in my head you can find things for way cheaper than you can in reality. But tell me how many times you've been at IKEA and you're going, there's now way that can only be $10. But it is. And then there are other times you think, I bet we can find one for 50 bucks at IKEA only to sadly be disappointed that its 250 bucks. Unfortunately it was the latter kind of day. But the boys had fun playing at we got some cute pictures!

We were looking back at Noah's baby pictures and I realized I have to start taking more! Lately I've only been taking them for events, but I just love those ones where you just happen to have your camera in your bag and you can catch some of the fun. Wy had his 9 month checkup this week and he was doing great. Can you believe he's only 1 pound heavier than Noah was at 9 months? He was 21 lbs 9 oz. Craziness! I don't remember how long he was - although he kind of stopped growing so much. He only gained 1 pound in 3 months! He was around the 40th percentile for length and 75th for weight! What a chunk!

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