Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seeing the gig 'em aggies!

For those of you that don't know, Noah J is obsessed with the gig 'em Aggies. That is how he ALWAYS refers to them - "Oh mom look! That man wearing gig 'em Aggies shirt!" He totally recognizes the aTm logo, and gets way excited about it. So we knew we had to take advantage of going to see the aggie Spring game a few weeks ago.

We were a little nervous, cause you know Noah HATES crowds, but he did really well. He loves to read Howdy Reveille, so we took the book and he walked around campus looking at the pictures and then looking at the real thing (you can see in one of the pictures). When we first got there we parked in the parking garage and there was a corp member walking behind us with is clicky clacky shoes - Noah could hardly believe that there was really one of the men from his book walking right next to us. The guy stopped and talked to Noah, but you know how he is, he was terrified and clung to my legs. Then we walked through the tunnel under Wellborn road, which was FULL of people going to the game and Noah proclaimed, "WOW! All these people really like gig 'em aggie shirts!" He sure was right, huh? He LOVED the tunnel and loved that we were going under railroad tracks - he officially calls it the gig 'em aggie tunnel.

We had promised him the whole time up there that we would see Reveille and we would buy him a stuffed Reveille. Of course, ALL of the stores were out of stuffed ones, and then, if you can believe it, Reveille wasn't at the game (evidently the new one is still in training). So he was way bummed out about that. The first half of the game was pretty much a nightmare - it was so crowded and we were all going stir crazy. And you know how Noah J feels about group singing, so he wasn't real keen on that part. But then at halftime everything got better for Noah - he just loves brass bands, so this was a dream come true (it also didn't hurt that half the people around us left)! When the band was done he just kept asking for them to play some more. And when the game was finally over, they had this awesome fireworks show inside the stadium - he was completely mesmerized. Now the poor kid thinks all football games have fireworks!!

After the game we walked around campus in the dark and took him to see the rest of the places in his book - the Academic building, the century tree, and then we took the long walk to Albritton tower. He ran and ran around it and through the middle and we had to pull him away kicking and screaming! It was really kind of nice walking around campus at night - it was beautiful and nice and cool, and also not crowded, so he could walk ahead of us as much as he pleased.

We were out SO late, but we had absolutely the best time. The trip served to increase Noah's love of the Fighting Texas Aggie Band, and he desperately wants to go see them again. We got Wyatt an Aggie Baby video for his birthday, and Noah makes us repeat the 3 minute segment in the video of the band - he gets his little plastic trumpet and marches around the living room. It's quite possibly the cutest thing you've ever seen. And of course then I have to sing the war hymn as his lullaby at night!! We can't wait till next year, seeing as how these are the only games we can afford to go to!

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