Thursday, May 29, 2008

Discovery Green

So we ventured out to explore Houston's newest park, Discovery Green yesterday. Sadly, we were kind of disappointed, although the kids had a great time. I just expected there to be a lot more to do - there was one teeny tiny playground (really for older kids) and then the splashpad area. And the rest of it was open green areas - great I guess if you love to sit around in the sun when its 95 out. So our review of the park in general is a big fat thumbs down, but if you look at it as just a splash area for your kids to spend a couple of hours in, then a big fat thumbs up!

Noah shockingly loved the water (he hates getting his face wet), and Wyatt hated it (and he LOVES getting his face wet). Who would have thought? The last pic of Wy is fuzzy on teh bottom cause he touched his little grubby finger to the lens seconds before snapping the picture, but it was just too beautiful not to share!

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