Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The woodland's mall, again!

Since Josh got sick his work schedule was all messed up last week, so we needed something to occupy our Saturday morning with. So we decided to drive out to the Woodland's, and possibly go to the Natural Science Museum in the mall this time. We told Noah we were going someplace special, so he immediately began listing all of his favorite places. Grandma and Grandpas? Kemah? Downtown? The list went on and on. But here's how smart he is. When we got the intersection of Spring Cypress and 249 he points straight ahead and asks us, "We going that way?" We say yes, and he gets this big smile on his face and says, "we going that place with the dark dirt where dig up the dinosaurs?" Yes, he remembered that this was the direction to go in to get to the Woodland's . WE were way impressed with him.

We stopped in Spring at the train yard by Josh's office and Noah got to see the trains shunting cars and he was way pumped. And then when we got to the mall he asked us if he could go to the children's museum again so we figured, why not?

Wyatt sure was old enough to enjoy himself this time. He loved playing with the trains, but he was not so sure of the area with the little tire gravel pieces. Don't you just love his face looking at that one little piece in his hand? He and Noah also had tons of fun crawling all around the little house that they have set up. I think one of Noah's favorite thing's this time was this area that they have set up to experiment with air. They have this one with a tube that has air blowing out of it, and then there are little scarves that you can put on top of the tube, and then when you let go it blows up in the air. He love love loved it. He had a mini fit when he had to leave it. And I think Wy's favorite part was not even meant to be for the kiddos. By the tire pit they had some fake rocks on the ground as stools, and Wyatt was just in love with crawling up and down them. He was so funny! Too bad it's so far away, or I know we would go more often!

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