Thursday, July 17, 2008

When you Wish

Last night was had a LATE night. I mean really late. Truly the latest the boy has ever been up! We went out to Miller Outdoor Theater and watched the free performance of When You Wish. Noah James had so much fun! He loved sitting out on the hill on our blanket. Our original plan was to get tickets for the seated area, but once we got there and we saw how excited he was about the hill, we decided to scratch our plans. He was thrilled to death that everyone was sitting outside with their shoes off in the grass!

Online they show that would sing some songs from Mary Poppins, so we figured he would love it. He kind of seemed disappointed in the music itself, but only cause I think we described it to him incorrectly in the car on the way there. I thought the people would be dressed up like the characters, but only a handful of them were. Luckily at the end Mary Poppins came out so I think that saved the night! Since they didn't sing his favorite, Step-in-time, we sang it for him and he danced and danced on the grass during intermission. We didn't even stay till the end and we left around 10:30!! We were sad we didn't bring Wy with us, but he would have been quite a handful! It was nice to have some one-on-one time with the big brother!

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