Monday, October 13, 2008

First Day of School!!!

I know this is shocking, but we actually signed Noah up for preschool!!!!! Craziness!!!

We were going to wait until next year, but when I was at MOPS 2 weeks ago I saw in the newsletter that the Lamb School still had a few openings. So I thought I'd call and check on his age group, and sure enough, they still had a spot!! So now he's going MWF and he's loving it!!!

When I went and registered him they took him to introduce him to his teachers, and I was shocked, but he actually waved at them, and then when one asked him to shake her hand he gave her a high five. I was FLOORED!!!!!! This from my boy who shrinks and hides at the thought of strangers, actually voluntarily touched one! The night before his first day we started prepping him, and he was freaking out. Crying and moaning about how he didn't want to go. And then that morning he was just so sad about it. But he knocked our socks right off when we dropped him off. He gave Josh and I hugs, and then just walked right in. We couldn't believe it. So we figured that it would probably be bad when we picked him up, cause that's usually when he gets upset at church (and also last year when we did mothers day out). But when we got him he was all smiles and his teachers said it was a really great first day and that he even participated!!!!!!!!

I know this may not seem like a big deal, but for Noah J this is huge!!! The first thing he asked us when we picked him up was, "My surprise in the car?" Yes, we got him a first day of school present. We wrapped it up and it was in his carseat. It was this Toy Story remote control car that he has been asking for forever. He was so excited! In the car on the way home he we were asking him about how school was, and you can just imagine how that went. It was like pulling teeth! He told us they talked about Jesus and "me in the boat." Huh?? Then we figured out they talked about Noah's Ark that day. So funny! When we asked him about music class and asked if he sang with the other kids he adamently said, "NO! I no sing that song. I only dance with my feet." We were cracking up so hard! And that's a big deal too, cause you know at the library he REFUSES to dance with the kids.

So this week will be his third week, and we couldn't be happier. He's doing great, the school's great, and I'm enjoying my time alone with Wyatt to play, and I can also get some work done! How great, right?

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