Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fun at Dewberry Farm!

We went with some of the gals from our MOPS group to Dewberry Farm this week, and the boys had a blast. We went on Tuesday morning when it was kind of rainy here, but it was pretty nice in Brookshire. That is, until noon. We were waiting in line for the hayride when this HUGE bolt of lightning crashed through the air, at which point we all ran for our cars! So the trip was cut short, but we're OK cause we're gonna go back next week again! Noah is pretty pumped.

Both the boys fed the goats, which was quite shocking. You know how Noah J is unsure about everything, but he just stuck his hand right in there. I really think the whole school thing has made him so much braver! And you know Wyatt was obsessed with the goats. He kept crying when he was out of food and they wouldn't come back and lick his hand - he thought they should come kiss him just for his good looks. We also saw a milking demonstration, which was pretty boring, but Noah said something that cracked me up. The guy told the kids, "I want you to understand how the milk gets from the cow to your dinner table." Noah looked at me with the huge smile and crazy face and said, "MOM, cows don't eat dinner at a table!!!" It was so funny and adorable. I just love the things they say at this age.

They also had this huge playground and sandbox with all kinds of things boys love, so naturally Noah was in heaven. They also went onto this huge hay pile to jump in (you can see Wyatt fell in!), and Josh took Wyatt on this crazy rolley slide thing. The coolest part of the place was this "jumping pillow" they have. It's kind of like a big bounce room thing, but without the walls. We only played for a few minutes on it cause we ran to catch the hay ride, but next time I think it will be hard to get Noah J off of it! Even Wyatt was brave enough to attempt it, and you know how scared he is of bounce rooms!

I'll have to update more when we go back next week!

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Farmer Dewberry said...

Sounds like you had a good time here at the Farm. You were right about the bolt of lightning. I have never seen a hayride empty so quickly! It ususally takes 10 minutes to get all the moms and kids off a trailer. I think they did it in 20 seconds. Hope to see you here again.
Farmer Dewberry
Larry Emerson