Sunday, October 05, 2008

Daddy, we gonna mow today?

These are the first words out of Noah's mouth, each and every morning when Josh walks in the door. I'm pretty certain it's all the boy thinks about. So I finally ran out and snapped some shots of them doing the deed. And let me tell you, that boy does not tucker out. He mows the entire thing right behind his daddy, tills he's beet red and sweating head to toe. Then he comes in and leaves dad to the edging and tells me it's time "for a little break." He's so cute!! We don't know what he'll do now that fall is coming and we're mowing less. We didn't mow last week cause the grass just didn't grow, and it was the end of the world to Noah J. But Josh is such a sucker for the boy I have the feeling someone will be mowing a lot this winter!

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