Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Little Bankers

How adorable are these little guys??  They were a bright ray of sunshine on an otherwise sad day.  Last week we decided to bring them along to attend their Great Granny's funeral, and I'm so glad they came.  They were SO amazingly good - even Wyatt was quiet during the service.  They were also just such great little believers - Noah just wasn't upset cause he knew she is with Jesus now.  I love these guys!!

They looked like the most adorable little bankers you've ever seen!  They were so excited about the clothes they ran around the house pretending to go to work.  Noah was making calls, doing paperwork, and even came home and said "honey, boy work was super hard today."  So cute!!  After the funeral we got together with some of Josh's family and ate, and the boys changed shirts and went outside to play.  Josh snapped a few more shots....
I love this shot cause you can see Noah's socks he wore - he picked them out special for the day - pirate socks!  Even though it was a million degrees he insisted on wearing them with his crocks so he could impress other people with them! ;) 
And they got to play some hide and seek - you can see how seriously Wyatt takes hiding his eyes!!!

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granny said...

What a blessing these two little boys are to me! They brought sunshine to me at my Mom's funeral and I was so very proud of them. Great Granny loved them so much and thought they were so special. She always looked forward to seeing them and having them come to the house. She loved how they would run to her and hug her neck. They are the light of my life and I love them so much!