Saturday, July 03, 2010

Pancakes for Padawans!!

Can you tell what these are????????
They are quite possibly the world's cutest pancakes!!!  My sweet friend who told me about these and my great mom who bought the molds, made this moment possible!

I kept them a secret and made a big deal about our "special" dinner we were having.  I made Josh and the boys stay out the kitchen the whole time I cooked, and all three of them were anxious to find out what it was.  Noah kept saying it smelled like pancakes, and Josh said putting the syrup on the table gave it away, but in the end all were surprised!

They were actually so surprised you can see I forgot to take a nice picture of them - we're just lucky that Josh hadn't already chowed down like the boys had!  Wyatt was cracking me up cause he picked up the Darth Vader pancake and held it to his face and made the darth  breathing noise - so cute!  Of course, then his face was covered in syrup, but oh well, right?!

You can see they came out pretty dark - I kind of had a hard time making them!  In order to get them cooked enough to flip they had to cook for forever!!  It seriously took me 45 minutes just to make 9 of them!!  I happily ate plain round cakes that only took a couple of minutes!

And yes, my kids are in their undies eating dinner!!

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Mark and Corrie said...

Oh my goodness! Those are PERFECT for your boys. I bet they were in heaven. I love your tablecloth. Did you make it??