Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Big brothers and bedrest!!

So here I am, on day 1 of bedrest, and I'm already bored to tears!!!  And it is just 9:15 am!! :)  Ridiculous, I know.  Went to my 37 week check up yesterday, and ended up at the hospital having some testing done.  My blood pressure was up, had a 4 pound weight gain in a week (I have only gained 1 pound this whole pregnancy, so this was really unusual), there was a small amount of protein in my urine, and you should check out my feet - they are HUGE!  So I was at the hospital for a couple of hours checking my blood pressure the whole time, doing a fetal stress test, and a ton of bloodwork. Everything came back normal, except for my bloodwork, where I had elevated liver enzymes.  So they decide to send me home to bedrest, and to collect my urine for 24 hours.  Nice, huh??  So I'm keeping my pee on ice and we have to go back to the hospital tomorrow to do this all over again.  I'm praying that everything will be normal and she will tell me to just take it easy OR she'll say, lets plan to have the baby next week or something.  I just DON'T want to be on bedrest for the next 2 weeks.  How do you do that will 2 little ones?  I know people do it, but it is something I just don't want to experience!

The boys are definitely ready now, whatever happens, cause they took their big brother class and tour at the hospital last weekend!  Noah was dead set against this class, but as soon as he got there he was so incredibly happy and excited!  They got to pick out babies, and he was just tickled to death with it.  They watched a video that he thought was hysterical about taking care of babies, and then they taught the boys how to change diapers and wrap the baby up in a blanket.  So glad my mom came with me, cause the class was a bit rushed and I needed help to work with both of the boys.  Thanks mom! 

I was especially impressed with Noah, cause he really learned a lot!  They talked to the kids about what toys would be safe for the baby to play with, and what wouldn't.  They showed how if a toy could fit inside a toilet paper tube then it isn't safe for a baby.  It was so adorable cause then Noah leans over and tells my mom that his little star wars guns for his men are not safe for Annie, but his big blasters would be ok!  The teacher then explained the kids should put their small toys into boxes with lids.  Noah got super excited at that point cause he has a box with a lid for his star wars men.  He told mom he's going to put a sign on it that says "Not for babies!"  So cute!!

This picture here is what concerns us a little about Wyatt!  I love it cause he is just so casual about it all, you know, with his arm across the babies face! 

At the end of the class they got big brother t-shirts and then they went for a tour of the hospital, but sadly didn't get to see any real babies!  They were  all in with their mommies, which I think worked out for the best, cause I'm certain Noah thought we were going to get to hold those babies too!

I think these boys are now officially as excited as we are!!!

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